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Rainy Day
Today is a cold day with the rain pouring down every now and then, I was woken up by my runny nose that was screaming for some tissues; in which I reluctantly dug out of my bag. I lied down again and fell asleep. Unfortunately, my nose wouldn't give me a break and I gave in. I woke up and slowly made my way to the bathroom, brushed my teeth, washed my face and showered. The time was 11:00am.

I made instant tom yum noodles with an egg and drank milk tea before typing away my password on the macbook. The screen popped up and I carried out my usual blog reading routine while checking out my hotmail.

Clicking on the Yr 12 Maths in Focus book and selecting Chapter 4, I glanced at it and (sigh) and decided to beautify my new blog instead and start working on my post.

Soon after, I had to babysit my siblings while my parents goes off to Domain for the sale. Three hours with Andy amounts to moi doing maths exams three times. GOD! it was damn tiring and I was welcomed with a bag of poop right after they left a few minutes. ugghghg I dont even want to recount that experience of cleaning him.

They came back with KFC, after eating I went back on the laptop and continued beautifying moi's blog and now I am posting this up.

Now I am so exhausted and I don't feel like doing any work, but I got work to do. Not to mention that I still haven't finished my book for AOS and haven't done any templates and not even any maths homework as well, I'll do them later.

Later going to go to church and now I am just going to rest.

With love,